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    A priceless active ingredient extracted from the bark of Landes Pine

    Pine polyphenols or OPC (Oligo-proanthocyanidins) are extracted from the bark of Landes Maritime Pine.

     1,000 kg of PINE BARK = 1 kg of OPC PIN

    Pine OPC, which continues to reveal astonishing properties, is already used in the nutraceutical sector for cardiovascular prevention and venous protection.

    Exclusively patented, 100% natural origin


    Patent FR2945940A1

    By closely studying pine polyphenols, IXXI has identified the astonishing properties that prevent cellular ageing and protect the fundamental elements of the dermal matrix.

    Various tests conducted by accredited laboratories, recognized for their expertise in product safety evaluation, have proven the optimal cutaneous and ocular innocuousness of non-irritating and non-sensitizing OPC PIN.

    IXXI has purified, stabilized and patented OPC PIN for the first time, featuring its 3 properties in a cosmetic product range:

    • A remarkable antioxidant agent*, 30 times more powerful than Vitamin C, OPC PIN neutralizes free radicals that cause skin ageing.

    • OPC PIN offers significant dermoprotective* activity by effectively inhibiting MMP-1, an enzyme that breaks down collagen fibers. This helps preserve the firmness and elasticity of youthful skin.

    • These polyphenols also provide powerful skin restorative** action as they stimulate the synthesis of collagen, the main constituent of the dermis: 37% increase in the production of collagen III and 18% increase in the production of collagen IV. Polyphenols restore tone and density to the skin, thanks to their high collagen-producing activity.


    * In-vitro tests** Ex-vivo test

    Efficacy tests on OPC PIN

    In-vitro tests